Did the Food Pantry nights of operation change?

YES..YES they did. As of January 1, 2017 the Bath Area Food Pantry is open on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 5pm-7pm. We posted the change November 1 2016.

I have Court Ordered hours…what do I do?

We welcome students and adults with court ordered hours to complete..but they MUST be scheduled! You must contact the Executive Director, 650-3478, to schedule your time. We can only take so many court ordered volunteers at any one time. 

Only donate food at 807 Middle St.

We welcome any NON PERISHABLE food donation at 807 Middle Street. The double glass doors are open from 8-7 7 days a week. Go in thru the double glass doors..there is a large deck box to your left. Just leave your donations there. WE CAN NOT EXCEPT EXPIRED FOODS..please check the dates before leaving in the donation box.

DO NOT LEAVE any clothing, toys, perishable items or books.

What towns does the Bath Area Food Pantry Serve?

We serve Bath, W. Bath, Arrowsic, Georgetown, Phippsburg and Woolwich.

Hours of operation for the Soup Kitchen

The Soup Kitchen serves an afternoon meal from 12-1pm.  We are open Tuesday and Thursday.  We do offer our guests the option to take one meal home per person. Please do not arrive before 11:45am. If RSU1 calls a snow day, WE WILL be closed. If they call a 1-2 hour delay WE WILL be open. The entrance is on the side of the building.

I am part of an organization that would like to volunteer on a regular basis…what do I do?

Please call Kimberly Gates, she is the Executive Director and makes the food pantry schedule.  Right now 2016 is covered…but if you want to be added to next years schedule…PLEASE let her know!  She is also able to plug different organizations in on this years schedule if you would like.  Her number is 650-3478.

Who should I call if I want to volunteer at the food pantry?

Please call Kimberly Gates. Kimberly is the executive director and if you have a ‘team’ she would gladly work with you.  She will let you know when we need help and what is available.  Her number is 650-3478.

Who should I call if I want to volunteer at the soup kitchen?

Please call Norma Elwell at 737-9289.  She will let you know when she needs help and ask what things you like to do.  The soup kitchen is open Tuesday and Thursdays.

Do you close the soup kitchen or food pantry during snow storms?

Yes, I am afraid we do.  We do not want to risk the lives of our clients or our volunteers during bad weather.  We will put a storm cancellation notice on channel 6 and channel 13. If RSU1 calls a snow day WE WILL be closed. If they call a 1-2 hour delay, we will be open.

Do I need anything to be able to eat at the soup kitchen?

No,  Just bring yourself!  We would love to have you!  We are working hard to serve healthy and tasty meals two times a week. We also will send you with a ‘to go meal’ to eat on days we are not open.

Do I need proof of residency to be able to use the Food Pantry?

Yes,  we do require everyone that wants to receive food from the food pantry to bring in some sort of proof of residency.  That includes a utility bill, a hospital bill, a lease agreement etc.  We do not accept drivers licenses for proof of residency.