HOW TO….pick up groceries/receive a meal

The BAFB has been working hard to make sure individuals/families do not go hungry during these very difficult times. We do update our facebook page regularly, so ‘liking’ that page will give you updated information. If you would like a home cooked meal…we distribute to ANYONE no questions asked, Tuesday and Thursday from 12-2. You will come in ONE AT A TIME the double glass doors in the front of the building…you will be offered one of our daily meals…and three frozen meals. We also have bread, produce, sweets, and misc available under the tent in the front of the building. We ask that you do not ‘hang’ around the front of the we can get in as many as possible and are able to practice ‘social distancing’. YOU MUST WEAR A MASK…if you do not have a will not be allowed in the building or at the tables. If you are coming in for groceries..we make those available from 5-7 every Tuesday and Thursday. When you arrive, you STAY IN YOUR CAR…a volunteer will be out to give you the needed paperwork and a number..HAVE YOUR MASK ON WHEN THE VOLUNTEER COMES TO YOUR CAR..OR THEY WILL NOT APPROACH YOUR CAR. The volunteer will come get the paperwork and clipboard. We will build your box with the items you requested. Once finished…we will bring your cart to the food tent just outside the doors. The volunteer will let you know…your cart is ready. You may proceed to the food for the items you can use..and return to your car. If the volunteer is not available..please bring the cart back to the tent..we need to disinfect the cart…so it can be used again. During the Covid crisis..we are allowing families to come TWICE a month to the food bank. If that changes..we will update our facebook page. PLEASE DO NOT COME EARLY…we do not give out numbers in the order that people arrive…we pass them out randomly. PLEASE be patient with all of our volunteers. Since March, we have a full time crew of 3 individuals…and 5 rotating volunteers…everyone is putting in A LOT of hours and we are doing our best to feed over 500 families a month.