Update 4/24/20

Things are moving smoothly at the Food Pantry and soup kitchen. We are supply 100’s of meals every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (12-2). 1000’s of pounds of food are going out every Tuesday and Thursday (5-7). We will be receiving our first distribution from GSFB on April 28th. These are prepackaged boxes of food that (according to GSFB) will supplement a family of 4 for 3-4 weeks. We are allowing families to come more than once a month to receive groceries. We are delivering to over 200 individuals in the Bath Area. Washington House, Bath Housing, Oak Ridge, Huse School apts and other smaller complexes. IF YOU LIVE in any of these complexes and are NOT receiving groceries, reach out to Kimberly Gates at kfgates@gwi.net. Meals are available TO ANYONE…we do ask for some information for groceries. If you come to the pantry (you will receive a lot more..than if delivered to. Come and STAY IN YOUR CAR. Someone will come to you with a number, the instructions and a short order form. All boxes are prepacked at this time..no one other than volunteers are allowed in the building. Donations are the ONLY THING keeping us up and running..SO THANK YOU for your donations! You can send donations to BAFB, PO Box 65, Bath 04530 or online at bathfoodbank.org.