COVID19 information Pantry 3/17

We are posting daily on our facbook page. Here is the most recent information:
*We will be open TODAY (Tuesday 3/17) for our food pantry..IT IS A DRY RUN, so if you can wait till Thursday..please do.
*When you come to the food pantry here is the distribution process:

We are going to work hard to feed the hundreds of individuals in need over this difficult time. We ask that you stay patient and respectful to other clients and our very small volunteer staff. You will not be permitted inside the food pantry or soup kitchen at any time. PLEASE…remain in the lobby.

• At 5pm We will hand out numbers, please pay attention when it is your turn. There will only be one family/individual allowed in the lobby at a time. When it is your turn, proceed to the double glass doors, press the button to the left and the door will open.
• You will remain inside the lobby and hand your form and this information sheet to a volunteer.
• We will get your items and add them to a ‘pre made’ box/bag of food.
At this time, we can not make substitutions to your premade box/bag.
• We will bring your groceries to you in a cart, once you bring that cart back, we can move onto the next client, so please, be efficient and get the cart back asap.
• We will sanitize and prepare the cart for the next family.

This is a very new and difficult situation. We WANT to remain open as long as possible. Please remember we are all doing what we can to get you food. This procedure could change at any time.